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What is the specific gravity of titanium carbide and its position

August 15,2023

The specific gravity of  titanium carbide  is usually 4.93/cm ³ It mainly depends on the type and proportion of other metal elements contained. Compared with other metal materials, titanium carbide has a much lower density and the denser the structure, the higher the density of the material.

Titanium carbide is a lightweight metal with high strength and is an important material in the fields of science, aerospace, and military industry.

Due to its advantages such as lightweight, high strength, high hardness, good moldability, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, it is also known as the "future metal".

In addition, the higher the density of  titanium carbide, the more precise and practical it is for processing workpieces. The density of titanium carbide plays an important role in the industry, and any production field involved must have a certain understanding and grasp of the density of titanium carbide to ensure its basic requirements in design and use.