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What is a spectacle plate and what are the advantages of using hard alloy material?

June 14,2023

Due to its shape resembling glasses, it is called an eyewear plate, which is actually a wear-resistant plate matched with a cutting ring. Mainly used in conjunction with rubber springs, the floating cutting ring has a self sealing effect and improves the delivery pressure of the S-pipe valve through pressure self balancing and rubber spring automatic compensation gap.

At present, the commonly used materials in the market are high chromium alloy cast iron, high manganese steel, alloy Tool steel, hard alloy, alloy ceramics, etc.

Eye plates are generally used in concrete pump trucks and cement pump trucks.

The strength and viscosity of concrete greatly test the wear and erosion performance of vulnerable parts in key parts of pumping equipment. In order to extend the service life of eye plates, hard alloy materials are usually used to prepare them. Hard alloy glasses have extremely high hardness, strength, excellent wear and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for glasses.