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What do you know about the difference between cemented carbide ball and stainless steel ball?

February 15,2023

Many customers do not have a deep understanding of the difference between cemented carbide ball and stainless steel ball. In terms of selection, they think that the price of stainless steel ball is lower than that of  cemented carbide ball, which can reduce production costs and occupy an advantage in sales price. In fact, the price of stainless  steel ball  is also determined according to the material.

Carbide ball, commonly known as tungsten steel ball, is confused with stainless steel ball.

The appearance of cemented carbide ball is the same as that of stainless steel ball. The surface color is metallic and has mirror luster, but its hardness is higher, similar to that of diamond. Cemented carbide balls have excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, and are more suitable for heat and electricity transfer than stainless steel balls. Cemented carbide ball has higher density and better wear resistance than stainless steel ball.

The production cost of cemented carbide balls is high, and the market price is higher than that of stainless steel balls. However, it is more appropriate to ensure the product quality and long service life of cemented carbide balls.