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What are the reasons that can affect the service life of hard alloy glasses?

June 14,2023

The lifespan of hard alloy glasses is limited, but as long as it is used reasonably

It can still extend its lifespan, extend its lifespan, reduce procurement times, and reduce enterprise costs.

1. Differences in pumping concrete at different construction sites. Generally speaking, the proportion of concrete is reasonable (commercial concrete), and the service life of eyeglass panels is longer.

2. Differences in pumping conditions between different sites. When pumping concrete over long distances and at high altitudes, the service life of the eyeglass panel and cutting ring is shorter due to the high back pressure they need to withstand.

The gap between hard alloy glasses can also affect their service life.

The cutting ring has a great pre tightening force, so it can be tightly attached to the hard alloy glasses. When pumping, the mortar cannot enter. At this point, the wear of the hard alloy glasses occurs on the entire plane, and the wear is relatively uniform, so its lifespan is also longer. The wear of the cutting ring occurs at the edge of the cutting ring. If the direction of the cutting ring can be adjusted in a timely manner to ensure uniform wear of the edges, the service life of the cutting ring can be extended. If there is a large gap between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring or if the rubber spring ages, mortar and small aggregates can easily enter between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring under the back pressure. Because each work cycle requires cutting twice with a cutting ring, the eyeglass nose bridge is the easiest place to enter small aggregates, which can easily cause the eyeglass nose bridge to be worn out and scrapped.