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The characteristics of titanium carbide powder and professional alloy materials?

April 18,2023

Titanium carbide powder is gray in color, light in weight, second only to diamond in hardness, and weakly magnetic

It is making it the preferred new material for producing wear-resistant alloys.Titanium carbide alloy powder has higher hardness, higher melting point, lower density, and good wear resistance than WC, and is widely used in the production of steel bonded hard alloys, cermets, wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant coatings and other industries.

Wansheng Alloy is a titanium material enterprise that integrates sales, research and development, and production. Titanium carbide powder (Tic) has the characteristics of high combined carbon, low oxygen content, and stable performance. According to its unique wet grinding technology, the particle size grade can be strictly controlled. And customized production is carried out according to customer requirements for particle size and purity.