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Preparation of Wear resistant and Corrosion resistant Coatings by Coarse Titanium carbide

July 07,2023

The hard particles used in wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating materials mainly include compounds such as TiC.  TiC  has advantages such as low density, high hardness (HW400 3800), and low friction coefficient. It is a common high hardness and wear-resistant material in industry, and will not decompose even at high temperatures of 1100 ° C, with good thermal stability. Due to the fine particle size and relatively poor wear resistance of  TiC powder, the solution is to use coarse-grained TiC powder, and the only method to manufacture coarse-grained TiC powder is self propagating high-temperature synthesis technology. Self propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) is a new technology that uses the self exothermic heat of chemical reaction to prepare materials.

It makes full use of the high-energy Exothermic reaction when forming compounds between elements.

In addition to a small amount of additional energy necessary to initiate the synthesis reaction, the whole reaction process is mainly maintained by the exothermic heat of the material itself. It has the characteristics of extremely short synthesis time, fine grains of synthetic products, and controllable Granularity of powder by controlling the subsequent crushing process.