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Performance Characteristics and Applications of Titanium Matrix Composite Materials

May 15,2023

Titaniumbased composite material refers to a composite material that incorporates other high-strength, high hardness, and high-temperature resistant alloy elements into titanium material or titanium alloy matrix. Thus, titanium based composite materials have higher strength than titanium alloys, while possessing excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance.

With the rapid development of modern aerospace technology, the performance requirements for metal materials have become more stringent.

Titanium alloy has always been regarded as a suitable aerospace metal material

But in the face of harsh working environments, its wear resistance and flame resistance are limited, which cannot meet the needs of the more high-tech aerospace field.

After experiments, titanium based composite materials can replace the shortcomings of titanium alloys in the aerospace field by adjusting them on the basis of titanium alloys or titanium materials. It is also considered a new material that can improve the performance of titanium.