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How to distinguish the correct method of YD type hard alloy electrode surfacing operation?

July 17,2023

YD  type hard alloy welding rod uses oxygen acetylene for surfacing welding, which has a wide range of applications and can be used for surfacing welding some severely worn or cut workpieces in industries such as petroleum, mining, coal mining, geology, construction, etc.

When the welding operation method is correct and the quality of the welding layer meets the standard

The surface of the welding layer cools down and turns bright golden yellow. The matrix alloy of the welding layer is well combined with the base metal, and the alloy particles are arranged tightly, evenly and firmly embedded in the matrix metal. If the metal of the matrix turns red after cooling and the alloy particles expose a black surface, it indicates that the temperature is too high, which can damage the working performance of the alloy particles and affect their service life; If it turns dull silver gray after cooling, it indicates that the temperature is too low, which can lead to poor bonding between the matrix alloy and the base metal. There is a risk of the entire overlay layer falling off during mechanical operation after overlay welding.