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How does the eyeglass plate wear out and compare the performance of different materials

August 11,2023

The  pump truck  eyewear plate, also known as wear-resistant plate, is an important component of the concrete pump truck, named after its shape resembling glasses. When the wear gap between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring reaches a certain value, it will affect the construction due to severe slurry leakage. As the pumping height increases, the impact shear of the eyeglass plate will increase, the wear will be more severe, and it is easy to break and collapse.

There are three commonly used materials for eyewear panels, namely high chromium cast iron, hard alloy, and wear-resistant ceramic.

1. High chromium cast iron eyewear plate: The hardness of high chromium cast iron is around HRA82, and its wear resistance is average. Good processing technology and low production cost, but high chromium cast iron has poor thermal conductivity, poor plasticity, high shrinkage, and short service life.

2. Hard alloy  glasses: The hardness of hard alloy can reach HRA86, with a strength of around 2700, strong wear resistance, good toughness, long service life, improved work efficiency, and slightly higher price.

3. Wear resistant ceramic eyewear plate: The hardness of wear resistant ceramic can reach around HRA88, and its wear resistance is better than that of high chromium cast iron, lower than that of hard alloy, with poor toughness and moderate price.

At present, the main products commonly used in the market are hard alloy eyewear panels and wear-resistant ceramic eyewear panels, and options can be selected based on actual situations.