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Future Market Prospects of Titanium Based (TiC) Steel Bonded Cemented Carbides

April 18,2023

In recent years, with the high-quality development of the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" and the title of "infrastructure mania" in China, titanium based (TiC) steel bonded hard materials have developed rapidly in ore, cement, construction, wear resistance and other industries.

Titanium carbide steel bonded hard alloy has more potential for application

Especially in the field of wear resistance, and is widely used as a hammer head for hammer crushers. It is an indispensable crushing tool in the mining, cement, and construction industries. Embedding  steel bonded alloy rods  in the vulnerable parts of high manganese steel hammer heads is to greatly improve the service life of crushing hammer heads and improve work efficiency.

When comparing steel bonded hard alloy rods with YG alloy rods, steel bonded hard alloy rods have more advantages. Steel bonded hard alloy rods have higher costs, are more wear-resistant, and play a greater role when combined with high manganese steel.