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Advantages of carbide pick ball teeth

March 14,2023

With the development and manufacture of industry, the demand for oil is increasing day by day, and the demand for oil well drilling tools is also increasing greatly.  Cemented carbide ball gear  is one of the indispensable parts in the oil drilling industry. Carbide ball gear is an alloy ball gear made by powder metallurgy process with tungsten carbide powder as raw material and cobalt powder as bonding phase. Due to its high hardness and other characteristics of cemented carbide, it is widely used in mining, quarrying and cutting processes, and can also be used in heavy excavator bits.

The cemented carbide ball gear is mainly pressed by the isostatic press

Which makes its density distribution uniform, and its size accuracy high. It is convenient for users to carry out accurate welding, and it is not easy to drop the gear, which is conducive to saving auxiliary working hours, reducing the physical labor of workers and speeding up the project speed. The performance of cemented carbide ball gear is superior. The most commonly used brands are YG6 and YG8.