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YG6 grinds and polishes carbide rods

The YG6 produces a smooth finish when grinding and polishing carbide rods like YG8 grinding ball. It is a high-speed tool made for grinding and polishing metal, aluminum, titanium, and tungsten carbide, but it also works well for many other materials like plastic, ceramic, glass, and quartz. The YG6 is unlike other tools in that it is incredibly lightweight and small, making it ideal for use in shops or workshops with limited space.

Tungsten carbide mechanical seal ring

The serrated carbide steel sheet used to make tungsten carbide saw blades is welded to the dense body of the saw. Hardwood, laminated board, and recycled wood can all be cut with it. But take care. It has great strength.

The hardest metal is tungsten carbide. It is as hard as diamond in terms of hardness. The metal has a higher strength, wear resistance, and durability due to its high hardness with YG15 tungsten steel alloy ball. But the cost of tungsten carbide is high.

It is employed in the production of numerous tools and measuring equipment. Tungsten carbide has a lifespan that is 100 times longer than steel. Additionally, sealing rings are made of tungsten carbide.

Additionally, it is utilized in the creation of drilling tools. There are many different rotary burr sets available, including the Syndent rotary burr set, which is remarkably hard and sharp. These burr sets work well for deburring and engraving. They are frequently employed in the preparation for welding, chamfering, and pipe cleaning and deburring.

Additionally, these sets can be altered to meet the needs of the customers. It would be best to seek professional advice if you require a rotary burr set for a particular application.

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