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Alloy tungsten particle

The metal alloy tungsten is a heavy, long-lasting metal that is employed in a variety of applications like Hard alloy ball valve seat. It also has a high level of corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is used so frequently in many different industries because of this.

Microwave sintering

Heavy alloys with a high tungsten content can be difficult to microwave sinter. Rapid heating rates and intricate tungsten grain coarsening control are necessary during the sintering process.

The size of a powder is a crucial factor in determining its sintering kinetics. The diffusion mechanisms affect the rate of densification as the sintering temperature rises. In general, W in the matrix phase dissolves and precipitates, leading to densification.

The impact of microwave sintering on a variety of powders, including tungsten, has been the subject of a few studies. This procedure has shown to be very effective at increasing magnetic force, flexural strength, and hardness. Additionally, it has a few benefits over traditional approaches with Titanium alloy wear parts. However, it has a few drawbacks, including high energy consumption and slow processing speed.

Due to these limitations, the majority of manufacturers are experimenting with different manufacturing processes. These include powder metallurgy, spark plasma sintering, and additive manufacturing.

Although these techniques have benefits, microwave sintering may be more significant. For instance, they might fail to produce the desired impact toughness or microstructure.

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