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3mm tungsten carbide rod

This article provides an introduction to the 3mm tungsten carbide rod, which can be utilized for the production of a wide variety of tools. It is utilized in a wide variety of milling cutters, end mills, drills, reamers, and other similar tools.

This method results in significantly less wear and has a far better aspect-ratio as compared to the conventional chemical machining. However, as a result of the tension caused by the machining process, the micro electrode may occasionally bend.

Comfort Fit Design

TRITON 3mm tungsten carbide rods are made to last. The highest quality TRITON tungsten ring, measuring 3 millimeters in width, has a polished finish on both the interior and exterior of the band. YG13 tungsten carbide rod is a gleaming new metal that is extremely durable and will ensure the ring will last a lifetime. The ring has a diameter of an astonishing 6 millimeters and weighs a substantial 2 pounds. A lifetime guarantee is included with the purchase of the ring. In around two business days, the ring will be sent to the recipient.

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