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Why is cemented carbide pick so important in coal mining?

Time : 2023-02-23 Hits : 6

Carbide pick, also known as coal pick, is the main tool for coal falling and crushing, and also an important vulnerable part in coal mining and mining machinery. Coal picks are widely used in the coal mining industry. Their quality will directly lead to the working efficiency and service life of coal mining machinery. All users will pay special attention to the quality and manufacturer when selecting coal picks.

Manufacturer of carbide coal pick

Wansheng Alloy is a manufacturer integrating research, development, production and sales of wear-resistant materials. Each batch of coal picks produced by us are made of primary alloy materials, and the formula and process flow are tested repeatedly to reach the best plan. Wansheng alloy coal pick has the characteristics of high hardness, strong wear resistance, good impact resistance and good stability. In terms of price, our quality is superior but not expensive, and we really achieve good quality and low price.