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What is alloy particle, what are the use industries?

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Cemented carbide particles are hard compounds (tungsten carbide, titanium carbide) powder and bonding metal through the vacuum furnace sintering of a kind of alloy particle material.

Cemented carbide particles are used to weld on the surface of tools or working parts to form a hardened wear-resistant layer, providing protection for tools and working parts to prevent wear, thereby increasing the service life of tools and working parts. Cemented carbide particles are differentiated according to the size of the particle size, with extremely high hardness, excellent wear resistance and impact resistance.

Cemented carbide particles are generally welded to the surface of tools and working parts by welding stacking and spraying to form a wear-resistant protective layer, improve work efficiency and extend service life. Alloy particles are widely used in engineering machinery, metallurgy and mining industries.

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