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What are the characteristics of hard steel bonded alloy materials used for wear-resistant parts?

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The production of steel bonded hard alloy by Zhuzhou Wansheng Alloy is a composite material using steel as the bonding phase, mainly titanium carbide as the hard phase, and powder metallurgy method. Steel bonded hard alloy is a material between steel and hard alloy, mainly used for wear-resistant parts.

Compared with ordinary hard alloys, the main characteristics of steel bonded hard alloys include: 1. excellent process characteristics, machinability, heat treatment, weldability, and malleability; 2. Good physical and mechanical properties, high hardness and toughness, and low friction coefficient; 3. Excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, medium corrosion resistance and other characteristics; 4. Lower cost and wider applicability.

Compared with high alloy die steel, steel bonded hard alloy has higher elastic modulus, wear resistance, compressive strength, and bending strength, making it more suitable for applications in harsh working environments.

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Our company produces steel bonded hard alloy grades including GT35, TM52, and TM60, which vary depending on the different uses of the alloy grades.