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What are the characteristics of cemented carbide and steel-bonded cemented carbide and the relationship between the two?

Time : 2023-08-25 Hits : 3

Steel-bonded cemented carbide is a new type of die material between cemented carbide and alloy tool steel. It has the high hardness of cemented carbide and wear resistance, high temperature resistance, but also has the heat treatment of ordinary steel and machinability (machining).

Is the processing performance of steel bonded cemented carbide good?

Steel-bonded cemented carbide is carbide (tungsten carbide or titanium carbide) as the hard phase, so it is like cemented carbide than alloy tool steel has higher hardness, wear resistance and better rigidity, at the same time, but because of the presence of steel matrix, so that this material has higher strength and toughness than general cemented carbide.

Steel-bound cemented carbide can withstand various cutting processes and make parts with complex shapes. At the same time, it can be heat treated to make the material have better mechanical properties and will not be deformed.