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What are the application scope and characteristics of hard alloy studs?

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Hard alloy studs are high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, and good impact resistance alloy materials made using powder metallurgy technology with tungsten carbide (WC) as the matrix and cobalt (CO) as the bonding phase.

 10 Where are hard alloy studs commonly used

Hard alloy column nails are mainly used for crushing by roller presses, suitable for metal processing, stone processing, petroleum exploration, and meeting the requirements of ore, rock, and other operations, thereby improving work efficiency. As the core accessory of the roller press, the column nail plays an important determining factor in the abrasiveness and crushing effect of the ore.


High wear-resistant tungsten cobalt alloy column nails have the advantages of stable production and operation rate, long service life, and are widely used in special working conditions, and are favored in the cement industry.