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Upgrade of TM60 and TM52 titanium based steel bonded wear-resistant alloy process and direct sales from manufacturers

Time : 2023-05-06 Hits : 3

Zhuzhou Wansheng Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and seller of steel bonded alloy wear-resistant materials such as TM60, TM52, and GT35. Customize various round, square or irregular wear-resistant parts. Due to the rapid development of industries such as infrastructure and mining, the consumption of wear-resistant parts is increasing. Due to the development and maturity of the market, many enterprises and users have raised concerns about the low toughness and difficulty in fully utilizing the wear resistance of TM60 and TM52 alloys. In order to solve the problem, Wansheng Alloy has decided to improve its sintering equipment and process. After repeated experiments and discussions, compared to the alloys prepared with traditional equipment and processes, the strength and impact toughness of TM52 and TM60 alloys using the new equipment and process technology have been significantly improved, especially the impact toughness can be doubled, which is conducive to significantly improving the impact abrasive wear resistance.

TM60, TM52, and GT35 titanium based steel bonded wear-resistant alloys have been applied in mining tools, molds, wear-resistant structural components, high-temperature components, and other fields due to their excellent physical properties, stable chemical properties, extensive and excellent process performance, and outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Production process of TM60 titanium based steel bonded wear-resistant alloy