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Production process and characteristics of cemented carbide rod

Time : 2023-04-02 Hits : 8

Carbide rods are carbide round rods, also known as tungsten steel rods. There are mainly two types of extrusion molding and molding. The difference is that extruded bars have a beautiful appearance and are easy to grind. The advantage of molded bars is that their density is relatively uniform, but it is not conducive to grinding. However, the overall length cannot exceed 420 mm.

9The cemented carbide round rod produced by Wansheng Alloy can be divided into single hole, double hole, and solid. It has high hardness, good thermal hardness, good wear resistance, high strength and other performance characteristics. The use of cemented carbide round rods at work has the benefits of improving tool dimensional accuracy, improving product appearance, reducing wear, extending tool life, and improving production efficiency.