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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of YG15 Tungsten-Co alloy sphere and YT30 tungsten-Ti-Co alloy sphere

Time : 2023-02-02 Hits : 1

Zhuzhou Wansheng cemented carbide by customer demand production of two different materials of cemented carbide ball, YG15 tungsten cobalt alloy ball and YT30 tungsten titanium cobalt alloy ball.

According to customer feedback, YG15 StG-Co alloy ball and YT30 StG-Ti-Co alloy ball have good grinding performance, bending strength and toughness. However, YG15 tungsten-cobalt alloy ball has good thermal conductivity and poor wear resistance, while YT30 tungsten-ti-cobalt alloy ball has good wear resistance and poor thermal conductivity.

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