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Can the hardness of titanium base steel bonded to gold rod be increased?

Time : 2023-02-03 Hits : 11

Many customers often talk about whether the hardness of titanium steel combined with gold rod can be increased, such as the hardness of 80, so that it can be applied to the high manganese steel hammer and wear-resistant parts of the crusher with more wear-resistant and longer life. In fact, our formula is after many adjustments, repeated experiments to find the most appropriate formula. Once the hardness increases, the use effect is not ideal.


Wansheng alloy titanium steel combined with gold rod hardness can not be higher than HRC65, for it and high manganese steel combined, there is a characteristic, in the strong impact, extrusion conditions, the surface of the rapid occurrence of work hardening phenomenon, so that the hardening layer has good wear resistance while maintaining toughness and plasticity. If the hardness of titanium-bonded ceramic steel cemented carbide rod is too high, fracture will occur in the process of use, which will affect the use effect. The hardness of titanium steel combined with gold bar is the most appropriate HRC60, which can achieve better results when used.