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Wear resistant tungsten carbide seat for oilfield pumps
Wear resistant tungsten carbide seat for oilfield pumps
Wear resistant tungsten carbide seat for oilfield pumps

Wear resistant tungsten carbide seat for oilfield pumps

The tungsten carbide seat also has a long service life in harsh working conditions. In polysilicon, coal chemical industry, power plant ash removal, mud and boiler slag discharge and other materials conveying pipeline, the valve sealing part is not only subjected to the sliding friction and wear of the seal components, but also bear the high-speed impact of high temperature and high hardness gas-solid dual-phase mixture, as well as flash and cavitation caused by high pressure fluid, which leads to damage and aggravates the valve failure. Therefore, wear resistance becomes an important performance evaluation index for tungsten carbide seat under severe conditions such as powder delivery.

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Product Introduction:

The cemented carbide seat, also known as the cemented carbide seal ring, has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even at the temperature of 500℃ is basically unchanged, at 1000℃ still has a high hardness. Used with hard alloy valve core, has excellent sealing and wear resistance, alloy seat bevel is smooth and smooth.

Product Features:

1. Hard alloy seal ring with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, widely used in petroleum, chemical and other fields of mechanical seal, the products are flat ring (PH) and table ring (TH) and other special-shaped rings, specifications customized;

2. After fine grinding, the product has very small size and tolerance, and excellent sealing performance;

3. Rare elements of corrosion resistance are added to the process formula to make the sealing performance more durable;

4. Using high strength and high hardness of hard alloy material, no deformation, more compressive.

Product application scope:

Mineral, and surface mining tools, drilling for oil and gas or horizontal directional drilling, mining and recycling process mechanical sealing equipment, etc.

Product brand:

Grade Density (g/cm3)Hardness (HAR)Strength (MPa)Application


14.7-15.190≧1600Good wear resistance, high strength, suitable for ordinary stress conditions. Used as alloy ball, template inverted, valve core, valve seat, sealing ring, measuring tool, fixture, spray cover, top, guide    rail, structural parts and mechanical accessories.


14.55-14.788.1≧2000Good wear resistance, high strength, suitable for PDC bit and cone bit, nozzle, water hole sleeve

Good impact resistance, suitable for the

production of petroleum, chemical, mechanical industries of high pressure nozzle, liner, bushing.



Good strength and toughness, suitable for high stress conditions, used for sealing ring, ball mill

drum,Structural parts, mechanical accessories 

and stamping die.


Suitable for standard parts, bearings, tools and 

other industries for cold heading, cold punching, cold pressing die, Slug and shell stamping die.